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Closing the Gap™

Closing the Gap™ is a spiritual mentorship program designed to close the spiritual gaps that exist between generations through biblical teaching, prayer, prophecy and community. Our mission is to create a safe place where women of all ages can gather, uniting strength and wisdom, zeal and experience, all for the glory of God.


Closing the Gap™ is the place where old school merges with new school, the unchurched unites with the churched, birthing a generation of women who will serve the Lord with all their heart. Our goal is to train women in their gifting, help them identify their calling, while pushing them into His purpose. Whether you are just beginning your Christian journey, or you’re a more seasoned Christian, Closing the Gap™ is for you!


"Closing the Gap™ can't be explained; it must be experienced."

-Christie Dobbins

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